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Gulf Coast Drug Testing LLC Services

DOT Drug Testing and Hair Follicle Testing in Houma, Louisiana

Gulf Coast Drug Testing LLC is trusted for employee screening in Houma, Louisiana. Our breath alcohol and drug testing helps employers hire the best candidates. Managers and companies send employees to us for breath alcohol testing that provides answers in a reliable way.

We also provide DNA testing that gives closure to families across Gretna. This includes paternity tests, so parents get answers.

Our drug testing facility is open 24 hours a day for your convenience. You can complete a DOT drug test at any time day or night. We also offer mobile drug testing at your office. The hiring process is more time and cost efficient with our mobile DNA collection. Companies can make offers to the right employees with data from our hair or saliva testing.

From fingerprinting to breath alcohol tests; Gulf Coast Drug Testing LLC is the only stop you need to make.

We make it convenient to test for drug, alcohol or paternity. Our 24-hour drug testing facility helps clients get answers on their schedule. After a traffic accident, our DOT drug tests reveal if alcohol or substance was a factor.

A saliva drug test shows if an employee is currently engaging in substance abuse. This procedure is well suited for random drug testing that confirms suspicions. Our staff will recommend what drug and alcohol tests meet your needs. The industry, situation and other factors may all affect this decision. We ensure you get accurate results with the right test.

We offer the following at our two drug testing centers (Houma and Gretna):

DOT and Non-DOT: We offer comprehensive testing for both Department of Transportation regulated employees and Non-DOT personnel.

Hair Drug Testing: Highly accurate and can determine potential usage over months instead of days.

Fingernail Testing: Similar to hair follicle testing but can show more accurate concentration levels due to a larger sample size

Alcohol Testing: saliva alcohol testing is an accurate measure for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and is less intrusive than both blood and urine testing, while also being less prone to adulteration or substitution. 

DNA testing: 99% accurate to establish paternity rights and establish evidence in court.

Pre-employment Testing: Test employees for substance abuse.

Post Accident Testing: Getting a snapshot of the indivuals involved and their physical state can help determine liability and accountability in an accident if needed.

Random Testing: You can set up unscheduled testing for employees or family members without their foreknowledge.

Reasonable Suspicion: If you have doubts about employee performance, or the actions of a family member, friend or colleague we can help.

Blanket Group Testing: Test an entire group, department or facility at once.

Background Checks: Know who you are hiring.

24/7 Onsite or Mobile Testing

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