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Drug, Alcohol, & DNA Testing in Houma, Louisiana

Drug Testing Services

Drug Testing

Our drug testing services offer a variety of options; whether you prefer urine, hair, breath alcohol or fingernail testing, we have what you need. Employers choose our reliable and random drug testing to ensure the sobriety of their employees. Each of our on-site and in-house drug testings are DOT compliant, and temperature controlled to ensure quality results.

K-9 Detection Services

DNA Testing

We are proud to offer our clients with our legal and non-legal personal DNA testing services, to help in your time of need. We utilize a non-invasive saliva swab from both parties. Results for our DNA tests come back within 7-14 business days; we help clients in court proceedings, identifying siblings, and for personal knowledge. Our legalized DNA testing will allow you to obtain a notarized document for legal use.

DNA Testing Services

Employment Screening

It's important that employers make sound hiring decisions. In many industries including transportation and manufacturing where heavy machinery is involved, safety has life and death consequences. We provide a full range of services that allow employers to determine the quality of their help and ensure the health and safety of the community.  

About Gulf Coast Drug Testing LLC

Looking for drug, paternity or employee testing in or around Houma, Louisiana? Gulf Coast Drug Testing LLC draws people seeking answers all along the Gulf Coast region. We are open 9am-5pm weekly with 24 hour call out available for any testing that you may require.

This includes DOT and non-DOT drug testing for all industries or for personal reasons. You can turn to us day or night for drug and alcohol tests after an accident. The results help companies and employees make informed decisions.

Our paternity tests deliver accurate results that let families move forward. From background checks to fingerprinting service; Gulf Coast Drug Testing LLC meets various needs in a single location.

Open 9am-5pm weekly with 24 hour call out available for your convenience! Don’t forget to ask about mobile drug testing as well. We come to your location for accurate screenings of candidates or employees.

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Walk-In and On-Site Drug Testing

Employee drug tests are an important part of the hiring process. Companies across the Gulf Coast region can better evaluate potential hires by knowing drug or alcohol behaviors. Gulf Coast Drug Testing LLC offers fast and efficient employee screening so you can make informed decisions. Our fingerprinting service gives insight into criminal history and public records.

Background checks are a snapshot of how past behavior may affect current situations. Your business minimizes risks by knowing the history of applicants.

For current employees, a breath alcohol test gives fast answers. DOT and non-DOT drug tests protect citizens and your company from liability. Gulf Coast Drug Testing LLC provides drug screening before and during employment.

We offer many tests to match unique needs. A hair drug test goes back in time to provide highly accurate results. This test prevents applicants from stopping drug activity in advance of being hired.

All industries rely upon employees with a clean driving record. Their safety and that of the drivers is at stake. After an accident, our local drug testing determines if alcohol or other substances were a factor. Post-accident drug tests give companies and drivers the answers to proceed. 
Pre-Employment, Post-Accident, Random, Reasonable Suspicion, or Blanket Group testing available.

On-Site Drug Testing

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